martes, 12 de septiembre de 2017

Experiencias de Aprendizaje K-grade

This week students work in a story call from Head to Toe. The book is about different types of animals and the way the could move their body. The children were as if they could move their body the same way as the animals did.

Sharing picture books is not only about picking up another language, it is also about giving children a wider window on the world. The one-to-one interaction of sharing picture books gives children added opportunities to develop holistically at their own speed and level. As children share more and more books their self-confidence develops.

Students construct new understandings using what they already know, and prior knowledge influences what new or modified knowledge they will construct from new learning experiences.

This method of teaching(Constructivism) belief learning should be active
rather than passive.

The ideas and interests of children drive the learning process.

Children this week enjoy a puppet show. When teachers use puppets, stories come to life so that the telling of the story becomes an enriched, fun-filled learning experience that is even more meaningful for children.

In the social/behavioral sphere, the benefits of the puppet play are noteworthy. Emotions such as pain, fear, joy, frustration, shame, anxiety etc., many of which a child may be reluctant to share, can be expressed through puppet play. Through puppets, children empowered to speak and behave on behalf of the character they are portraying.

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