lunes, 22 de enero de 2018

Experiencias de Aprendizaje K-grade

ü Lecto-Escritura

In a meaningful and playful way, we keep on working on our literary process by making use of our spaces and allowing children to build their learning with different materials.

During this week, we started our project “The Worms”. We made a worm out of grapes and other material and shared information with help and support from parents. They gathered information and transmitted it to their friends. This projects arises from the need to protect and preserve the creatures we have in our context, fostering tolerance and respect for nature. 

ü Language Arts
During this week, we read the little School bus story which children enjoyed and understood the sequence of the characters and at the same time reviewed some vocabulary about animals. Then, in their practice book, they had to color, cut and place the characters on the bus according to the order of appearance in the story. 

ü Math
Children reviewed numbers from 1 to 30 by counting buttons and then, placing them on a chart.

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