miércoles, 21 de febrero de 2018

Experiencias de Aprendizaje K-grade

Language Arts

In this activity, students had to make a circle and sit on the floor, the teacher was showing them some flashcards in which the high frequency words that they had previously worked in classes and in their homes were written. One by one they had to read aloud each word that the teacher was showing until completing five rounds, since there were only five words. The purpose of this activity was to have children practice and recognize those words until they can incorporate them into their language.


This activity was about counting and writting the number of some dots that were inside ten frames. Students also had to write numbers in order as they counted forward from a dashed number. The purpose of the activity is to have students practice the oral counting forward so they can be able to identify and complete a secuency of numbers even if some of them are missing. 


Habiendo descubierto el sonido en las frases generadoras, los estudiantes, por medio de esta actividad, ejercitaron el trazo en el libro de aprestamiento para fomentar la escritura en el renglón establecido y proseguir a la formación de frases y a la comprensión lectora.

Teachers and students celebrated Saint Valentine’s day at school and they could participate in some nice activities like watching videos related to the date, singing songs and listening to them, sharing a happy time with the different grades… After that, and taking advantage from the date, children made in the classroom some little worms formed by hearts made with foami paper, the main idea was to highlight what a worm's body was like, so each student needed at least 6 or 7 hearts.

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