martes, 20 de marzo de 2018

Experiencias de Aprendizaje K-grade


In this week, we carried out a reading activity on a book called "Winter lullaby", which talked about some types of weather with its characteristics and the things that happened in each different weather. After finishing the reading, the children had to draw a picture showing their favorite weather, as they also had to specify the activities that they would like to do on a day of their favorite weather. 

Also in this week a new beginning sound with its respective vocabulary was introduced. The children began to study the sound of the letter Hh and began to get familiar with some words with this beginning sound.
The activity to introduce the topic was about listening to a short story which involved 6 words that started with the beginning sound Hh.  With the help of 6 flashcards containing the image and the name of the words, the children were able to follow the sequence of the story in order to make their understanding easier and funnier. After telling the story, they had to remember what images they saw in the flashcards and say the words they could memorize and finally they tried to answer some comprehension questions about this short story.


This activity was about practicing oral counting of numbers from 1 to 50 and oral counting by tens. It consisted of including blocks as a counting tool in order to make it easier to understand the sequence of numbers.
For this activity, the children had to group the blocks to form sets. Five children were chosen and each of them had to count 10 blocks and join these blocks until they could form a tower while they were counting, in the end there should be 5 towers with 10 blocks each, which represented 5 sets containing 10 elements. Then they had to count aloud all the blocks until they reached number 50.


Durante esta semana, se incorporaron nuevas palabras con el grafema L-l. La actividad principal consistió  en realizar un juego en el cual los niños debían formar parejas con las palabras iguales. Luego, con las frases generadoras crearon cuentos teniendo en cuenta el orden de eventos.


Dando continuidad al proyecto sobre los gusanos de tierra, esta semana los niños pudieron crear el hábitat de las lombrices de tierra usando materiales como la arena, papel, entre otros. También se socializó sobre el proceso de alimentación de éstas lombrices según lo que ellos habían investigado antes en casa con ayuda de sus padres.


Saint Patrick's Day was celebrated in this week. All the students performed different activities for this day, such as: listening to a dramatization about Saint Patrick and the history of his life, the search for hidden treasures throughout the school and also the realization of handicrafts in which children had to make the face of Leprechaun, who was the emblematic character of this festivity. 

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