martes, 22 de mayo de 2018

Experiencias de Aprendizaje K-grade


In this week, students learned and practice some new high frequency words. The teacher made them read a book in order to check their pronunciation and their reading comprehension. They firts sato n the floor by making a circle and one by one had to read a sentence of the book that the teacher said. Then they made a line and each one of them had to read all the small book. 

Students learned another beginning sound. They learned the beginning sound “Zz” and a short vocabulary of words with this sound. As usually, the teacher portrayed this vocabulary with the pictures on the board and students had to draw and write the words on their notebooks. They also had to practice on one page of the practice book in which they had to identify all beginning sound Zz, they had to circle them and they finally had to color.

The teacher drew a wordsearch on the board, containing the words children were working on this week. This wordsearch contained the words with the beginning sound Z, the teacher called 5 students each one of them had to look for one world on the wordsearch, circle it and say it aloud. 

This another activity was about modelling clay over the words from the vocabulary of the begining sound Z, then the had to draw and color the picture to the Word they were asigned to do.


In this week, students learned about  tens and ones, they learned how to indentify what the tens are and what the ones are in a number of two digits. One of the activities carried out was to make a jelyfish wih silhouette color paper. Each arm of the jellyfish was composed by ten little squares of foami, that means that each arm represented a group of ten (tens) and some jellyfishes had some squares below in another paper, those ones that were below and did not make a ten represented the ones. At the end, students should count and recognize the general number of squares by couting the tens and then the ones. 

In this another activity, students had to use tens and ones to represent the number the teacher were asking them to. 

In this last activity, students used materials to count and represent tens and ones.


Durante esta semana trabajamos las palabras dino y balin e hicieron comparaciones de dino y balín, con el fin de reconocer, diferenciar y practicar el sonido de la letra b y el sonido de la letra d. Asimismo, los niños mencionaron algunas de las palabras del vocabulario previo que comenzaran con la lera b y la d e intentaron ubicarlas según su letra inicial, si era en dino o era en balín.

N. T. I. 

Durante esta semana los niños realizaron un títere de la mascota del mundial, previo a esto, conocieron y aprendieron el por qué este animalito había sido escogido como la mascota del campeonato que se llevará a cabo en Rusia. 

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