miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2018

Experiencias de Aprendizaje K-grade


In this week, the teacher continued working on the vocabulary of letter Ee and its sound. She carried out different activities with the purpose of making students practice and recognize the words and the images. This time, students worked on a word search contained all the words that they had learned in previous classes. The teacher was calling one by one in order to find the word she had chosen, they had to circle it and erase that word from the list.

The teacher also made a crossword in order to keep practicing the vocabulary list of words with the Ee sound. This time, on the contrary, there wasn’t a list of words, children had to identify the pictures and then they had to write the words in front of each picture in order to fill the crossword by writing all the letters in each square. 

This another activity consisted on having the children label the vocabulary of the Ee words. There were some pictures in one side and they had to write the words in front of each picture. They should write the “e” with a red color.

This activity was also about identifying the words and relate them to the pictures. The teacher drew the images on the floor and children had to write the names below. Then the children had to repeat the words aloud.

As a last activity, children used the clay in order to make all the words from the vocabulary of the sound they were learning before. The teacher said: “ten” and immediately they tried to form the word “ten” on their desks and so on until they had finished with the list.


In this week, the teacher could grade the oral and writing counting by 5’s from 5 to 50 in order to monitor students’ comprehension and identification of numbers. They had to use their fingers and start counting by one’s until they got 5, then they had to follow using the numbers. In a piece of paper there were some missing numbers, students needed to count by 5’s to chose the correct number and put it in the correct places.


Durante esta semana trabajamos los diferentes vocabularios estimulando las habilidades motoras finas con la ayuda de actividades como modelado de plastilina en las que los niños debían formar con plastilina la palabra dada y ponerla sobre su escritorio.


In this week we celebrated Mother’s Day. It was an activity in which children, mothers and teachers were integrated, in order to make all moms had a special moment and spend a good time with their kids. Moms danced, laughed, ate, took pictures, talked each other and so many different things they wanted to do in this special date. They felt really happy next to their children, friends and teachers. 

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